so it is almost the end of april but i have to finish some important things to start my new blog… recently i have been very busy so i couldn’t do anything that i planned and also couldn’t come back here until now ;( i really miss everybody in zombies fandom (especially marina) and want to talk to all of you as soon as i can <33333 so believe me, i will come back here soon, very soon!!!

hello guys i’m here to tell some things :) first i will come back here soon! i especially feel sorry for marina because i promised her to come back in january but things didn’t goes well for me…
i have so much things to do, also i have 5 days work per a week and my body is aching :(
but i really don’t want to procrastinate to join zombies fandom and i can’t wait to post a bit of new pictures of zombies!!! i don’t know how many people remembers me, even if you don’t it’s okay…
anyway i will be come back in april, if i don’t come back you can forget me forever hahaha sorry?

The Zombies

i’m sure marina can!!!

this morning I had a zombies dream but it was actually only colin dream…

so colin was in a bathtub and I was looking at him beside him aw (◡‿◡✿)

but next moment, I gave A FUCKING HANDJOB to him… omfg what???

Anonymous asked: Is there a video of them introducing themselves? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks :P

Of course, here’s the link of a video of the zombies introducing themselves :)
To download it, go! Thank you for asking and hope this helps you :3

Hello my lovely followers & other people in zombies fandom! Here I am to say that I would have a new zombies blog instead of this one… I don’t know, but my mind leading me to ‘do make a new one’ for some reason… Maybe I just wanna make a brand new start with new mind!!! For this blog, I WONT delete it and I’ll just leave its URL to redirect to my new blog! Because I thought it’s better to keep some memories here… So should I make a new one? What do you guys think? :)

*Please don’t reblog this, just tell me your opinions with a reply or a message!

this is how colin blunstone ruins people’s lives.

Title: This Will Be Our Year - Demo
Artist: The Zombies
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This Will Be Our Year (Demo) - The Zombies